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JSC “Express Technologies”

The Investment Group "Express Technologies" (I/N 204542003) was founded in 2007. It joins the companies operating in the electronic payments business: JSC Georgian Card, “Direct Debit Georgia” LLC, “Merto Service +" Ltd., “Didi Dighomi Research Center" LTD. The companies in the group are oriented to provide customers with modern, safe and innovative technologies.

The JSC “Express Technologies” group introduced the latest standards of information technologies in the Georgian payment system.

Through the services of the companies in the holding, it is now possible to use modern payment systems, reduce operating costs and improve risk management. Along with the approach tailored to the clients, the advantage of the JSC “Express Technologies” group is the protection of personal data of customers.

The companies in the group render their services to financial institutions, state agencies, telecommunication companies, small and medium business sectors and individuals.

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